students in front of the 法律学院 building


作为全国最古老和国家唯一的非营利组织法学院之一,我们结合了 具有多元化选修课和双重机会的公司法律基础 课程将准备在任何领域,任何地方练习法律。我们的位置, 距离南电子游戏网址最高法院和主要律师事务所的州立别墅, 意味着学习,网络和外部机会处于指尖。

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  • Infographic: First all-volunteer pro bono program in the nation
  • Infographic: 17 third-year practice-based courses
  • Infographic: 12 dual degree programs
  • Infographic: best value law school 11 years in a row by National Jurist
  • Infographic: 9 to 1 student to faculty ratio
  • Infographic: 4 law journals
  • Infographic: #4 mock trial team in the country
  • Infographic: #6 most alumni in congress in the country
  • Infographic: 95% two-year bar passage rate